Blog Hop: Fantasy Integration in Society

Welcome to my post in this Urban Fantasy blog hop!! I am sure you enjoyed your previous stop at Heidi Angell‘s blog! She and I have been friends since we were twelve, so it’s fun working with her in the book world. Also, welcome the OWS CyCon!!! This is my first year participating, but it’s been so much fun. Since it’s my first year, and I only have one book out, I’m not participating in a lot – mainly just blog hops. OWS CyCon is also taking over the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Readers Lounge! I’ll be on there Saturday at 10am (eastern). Yesterday, I posted my Historical Fiction Blog Hop post. Hope you enjoyed that! Also, be sure to check out my author booth! There is a giveaway at the end of this post and your next destination in this Urban Fantasy Blog Hop, so keep on reading.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our modern day society had magic? Perhaps paranormal creatures like vampires, werewolves, ancient gods and goddesses, or mythical creatures from my childhood fairy tales could be here today. I know, grown ups keep telling me they don’t exist, but I still say they’re wrong. I see them. I see the nymph hunched over in the bushes. I know that giant wolf is actually a werewolf. That old woman who doesn’t like her neighbors, she’s secretly a witch. And me, well, I still believe in fairies.

Urban fantasy is magical, because all those things that we love exist in our world. However, all authors choose to integrate the fantasy into their society a little differently.

Let’s talk a minute about Holly Black’s The Darkest Part of the Forest. In this story, there are fairies. The really interesting thing that stands out from a lot of urban fantasy is that the people in the town of Fairfield know the fairies are there. They even have a changeling who goes to the local high school with all their kids. The humans and fairies have an arduous relationship at best. They don’t like each other. It’s interesting reading the struggle, which is told from the humans’ point of view. In this book, the fantasy elements are integrated as part of the human society – not a secret, but a PART of it.

There’s the Harry Potter world created by J.K. Rowling. The fantasy elements are integrated a little differently than in Black’s. In Rowling’s world, the human and wizarding worlds are completely different and separated. The humans have no idea wizards and magic are real. The wizards use magic to hide it from the humans. Even when there’s a full blown war going on in the wizard world, the humans have no clue. They just think there are a few extra natural disasters happening around the world. Hmmm… maybe that’s what’s going on now. Ya think?

Yes, I’m using Twilight as an example. I don’t care if you hate it. Shh! It works for what I need. LOL! In Twilight, there are vampires and shapeshifters living amongst the humans. They don’t have their own world inside the world like in Harry Potter. They also don’t have a relationship with humans (unless we’re talking food here, but that’s a different topic). They are completely independent and secret.

Renegades! This is a newer book, the third one in the series isn’t even out yet (you can bet your butt I have it pre-ordered though). This one is a world with super heroes! A lot of people have extra powers, but some are pretty lame. Ever year the super heroes have auditions for the others to try and become a super hero. They have huge parades for the super heroes that go down the middle of the city. The heroes, of course, save the humans because what else would be the point of a super hero? Secret identities are a necessity for the super heroes, so even though they are known by all the humans, all the humans don’t know them by their real names, just their hero names. An interesting thing about this story, is that it’s told from the point of view of the villains. Yeap! Awesome! But… that has nothing to do with integrating fantasy into society. So, this one has the fantasy as part of the human world, the humans depend on the their supernatural friends to keep them safe. They don’t fear them, like in Black’s world.

In Charmed and Lethal, Christine and I took a combination of ways to integrate the fantasy elements into our society. There are several different types of supernatural creatures – Witches, Warriors, and Were (as in werewolves, werefoxes, werebears..etc). The Witches and Warriors kind of have their own world, like in Harry Potter. They go to their own schools, work for themselves, and work together as their own community inside the world of humans. The Were are a little different. They like to live amongst the humans. The humans don’t know they can shift into an animal at will and have super strength. They just think they’re their goody two shoes neighbor living next door. Of course, that changes. For reasons I can’t give without supplying spoilers, they have to live together for a while and form their own community or they go into hiding and live on their own, like the vampires in Twilight. Their existence is kept a secret from the humans though.

There are so many ways to integrate fantasy elements into a society. What is your favorite way?

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