Hello Fabulous People!

Welcome to my site. I am one with a creative mind and must have a creative outlet. I am a writer, reader, book reviewer, artist, and blogger. On this site I will discuss all things books, perhaps a little art thrown in once in a while. It will be fun and I am happy you have joined me!

I have multiple projects in the works!

I review books for authors, publishers, and publicists. Be sure to read my Review Policy before contacting me to make sure I’m a good fit for your book.

I also love art and am a mixed media artist. I do a bit of everything. It’s mainly a way to relieve stress.

Writing and art are my creative outlets. I’m a stay at home home-schooling mom and sometimes need more on my to-do list than “mom” and “pay bills”. This is how I achieve that.

Welcome to my little world of make-believe!